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Fuxing(Xiamen)Organism Feed Co., Ltd
No.923, Maqing RD, Haicang,Xiamen

Shrimp Cured Feed

Main ingredients and Features:
1. High quality fish meal, squid liver powder, yeast powder, cod liver oil, soybean meal, starch, vitamins, minerals, and high quality additives.
2. Consistent quality, uniformed pellet size, good retention of shape and flavor in water.
3. Minimum contamination to water and sediment resulting in stable farming environment and improved survival rate.
4. Fully cured feed promotes digestion and absorption and less excrement, hence higher growth rate and lower costs. 

1. Feed 2-6 times a day in small portions, each meal should be consumed within 2 hours. Adjust when there are changes in climate, water quality, eating habit, and molting.
2. When feeding with other additives or drugs, dissolve the additives or drugs in water and then soak the feed in water before feeding.  

Specifications and Guaranteed analysis: (%)


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