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Fuxing(Xiamen)Organism Feed Co., Ltd
No.923, Maqing RD, Haicang,Xiamen

FUXING (Xiamen) Organism Feed Company was established in Xiamen, China in 1992, which specialises in manufacturing aquaculture feed. The company is a foreign invested company from Taiwan with more than 30 years of experiences in the field. It was one of the first few companies in China that produced aquaculture formula feed. It supplies aquaculture feed in three categories – floating, sinking and powder, for a variety of species including fish, prawn, frog, turtle, and eel.  In recent years, FUXING has invested USD$3.8 million in expansion. The new facility has an area of 30 acres, a production capacity of 60 thousand tonnes per year, and is certified with ISO9001 (in process of gaining ISO20002 certification).

FUXING has a highly dedicated research and development team working in collaboration with many renowned institutions such as the State Oceanic Administration People’s Republic of China, Third Institute of Oceanography, Xiamen University, and Jimei University. Not only the company was the first to introduce extruded aquaculture feed in China, and has the most advanced technology in producing fully cured sinking feed, it also has successfully applied biotechonology in its products. It is proud to deliver “green” feed that are environmentally friendly, safe, healthy and efficient. Over the years, FUXING has become a highly popular and trusted brand throughout the nation. The company also exports to countries including Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Sri Lanka.